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 It was originally hoped that Legitimate Timeshare/Vacation Club Resorts would be found operating in Mexico. After several years we can now say that.............       we are still looking.

In final analysis it appears that the Timeshare/Vacation Club Industry is the most perfected time proven form of Semi-Legalized Extortion ever devised. And works deeply into the grey areas of Legality and Morality. The payoffs are excellent for all who can justify compromising their integrity to be involved and even for those that accept that they dare not resist having their establishment used to target victims and turn a blind eye while accepting their share.

The scenario is to develop life long entrapment with the appearance of the victim being at fault.

Once you have done the math, you will realise there is no financial advantage to having that amount of money trapped into a Timeshare/Vacation Club contract. And in fact it is not worth the frustration of then having to deal with a Resort that from that point on has no incentive to entertain your requests.

So many lives and retirement plans have been destroyed by this industry. Yet it flourishes due to the extreme financial rewards for the perpetrators and the lack of sound Travel Consulting. Many accept their fate, trying to make the best of it, as once entrapped there is little or nothing that can be done.

Many sub-industries such as Timeshare Rental, Resale and Legal services have spawned (many with questionable mandates) as victims desperately try to cope with what has become the monkey on their back.

Most can thank their Travel Agent, the first link in the system for not advising them. And the reluctance of victims to warn others due to the shame they feel for being lured into the entrapment. Many will not even admit to owning a Timeshare or Vacation Club Time.

The main threat to the victim is that their Credit rating will be destroyed if they try to break free of the ongoing extortion. This is why the criteria in qualifying a target is to select those that have and wish to maintain a favorable Credit Score, and have sufficient finances to cope with this misfortune.

Here is one avenue of recourse:

Any Timeshare Resort operating in Mexico must register the contract they will be using with Profeco

If the contract you signed has been altered in any way from that one or includes any illegal added clauses such as waving your right to cancel, then it is an illegal contract that becomes null and void.
Which would require the refund of all monies they had collected on it, regardless of the time frame involved.
You would have to obtain a copy of the original from Profeco which is in Spanish and have it translated into English to compare it.
And then get the contract division of Profeco to verify your findings. If the contract is proven to be altered or has added illegal clauses, Profeco has the grounds to proceed with a sanction against the Resort.

This is a long drawn out frustrating procedure that has proven successful by others.

Please assist in establishing a Resort Integrity Rating Guide by sharing your personal Timeshare or Vacation Club Sales experience.  All information received in strict confidence and privacy protected.  

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